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Feia by Olga Bondar
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Elle s'endort by Olga Bondar
Permalink | 1 note The Midtown Blocks. // The architects of these buildings typically chose bright terra cotta bricks to “resist the dulling effects of constant rain.”

The brown building was once a hotel named The Eaton, built in 1904. The bricks were brought in from Sacramento. It had a writing and reading room for women, telephones, and elevators. 

The building next to it was Hotel Willard. The exterior was a “deep red pressed brick”, the structure completely fireproof. The building endured an identity crisis in 1914 when it was renamed Hotel Ritz. 

And if you happened to be visiting Portland in 1914 and wanted to see a live-theatre play, you would have been disappointed! Because by that year, full-length feature films were all the mode, and most of the surrounding theaters had been converted to moving picture ones. You might have solemnly walked back to Hotel Eaton or Hotel Willard/Ritz, admiring the architecture and thinking to yourself, ‘At least a city like this exists nowhere else in the world.’

This is my 400th Instagram photo. #VSCOcam #portland #architecture
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